Illuviary: 001 Atlas

In-game shot of Atlas.

Sometimes, a lull comes on the entire valley where the landlocked sea is situated. The windless lake is more inviting towards the creatures nearby when it is like this. To the trained attention, smaller Illuvials dot this particular serene landscape. When you can manage to catch a glance, one may see these animals playing in the shallows, and also see them venture some yards into the shore. They will always keep the gently lapping waves of the becalmed ocean within sight, so they can try to escape from larger predators. Right here you can encounter docile-looking, disarmingly playful Atlas.


Glossy, smooth, and lotion coloration spotted with regions of bright blue. From its protect like face due to a broad neck frill, Atlas gazes with an almost earnest manifestation through dewy, oversized garnet eyes. The maroon backbone sail down its back again flaps up when it will go alert. In combat, Atlas puffs up, rearing upon its hind legs, trying to seem bigger. The observant Atlas scans the perimeter using its face tilting side-to-side as the head pans around, mouth area open, tongue gently wagging.

Atlas’ connection to drinking water is its most unique feature. Like a second epidermis, a thin layer of flowing drinking water moves across the surface from the hide in rippling, overlapping streams. Atlas has a preternatural ability to manipulate water contaminants so that they can form a water barrier to dull or even block attacks from opponents. It can also command water straight into projectiles that can pelt competitors.

Appreciation / Class

Water Psion

Atlas walking.

Basic Attack

With its large, perceptive eye, Atlas can easily track the opponents movement across the battleground. Though not the fastest creature, it can dart forwards forcefully, lunging as it attacks using powerful jaw muscle groups and strong teeth. Atlas pecks to either the particular left or the right side.

Critical Attack

Atlas has broad paws that end along with sharp, claw-like nails. Even though a relatively flat-padded extremity, by using its forepaws to reduce at enemies in an effort to protect itself, while its unpleasant move is to deliver an even more vicious bite by parenting up on its hind legs. Out of this upright position, it aspires higher to critically harm a more vital part of the enemy’s body: head, neck, chest.

Ultimate Ability — Vapor Barrier

Vigorously shaking the head, a luminous protect of water forms about Atlas’ face. This marine face shield both brings back Atlas’ vitality to give this a second wind in fight, and also absorbs enemy damage.

Atlas fainting.

Important Attributes

Ability Power

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