Here’s Why You Should Not Be Late Buying Bitcoin, The Sandbox, And Big Eyes Coin In This Final Bear Market Of 2022

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Crypto markets were poorly hit in this bear market, and top projects lost half of their value while the remaining ones still declined. However bad as the situation might be, Bitcoin (BTC) still looks good in the bigger picture. Let’s understand this token and see what Sandbox (SAND) & Big Eyes Coin (BIG) offers.

Why Bitcoin

Starting with the most popular digital currency to date, you have Bitcoin (BTC). This project itself needs no introduction and drives the whole crypto market. It makes up more than 40% of the market dominance, and that’s for several reasons. Satoshi Nakamoto proposed the original idea behind BTC. This is his alias, and no one knows his real identity. Satoshi created BTC from the ground up, and a major reason for this was that he didn’t like the centralized banking system’s monopoly.

Nevertheless, in 2009, the first BTC blockchain was mined. BTC is used to carry out payments between alternative parties so that their individual identities cannot be tracked. As expected, BTC comes with a limited supply, and Satoshi coded it so its maximum supply couldn’t increase from the initial 21 million supply. $68,000 was its all-time high, which was at the peak of the bull run.

Why Sandbox (SAND)?

Next on the list is SAND, which is one of the most popular metaverse projects to date. Like BTC, SAND has seen significant growth over the recent few years. The protocol was developed by Arthur Madrid, while the Pixowl foundation carried out its framework and initial funding. Due to their contributing efforts, SAND went online in the summer of 2011. The basic idea behind SAND is that it would help to benefit the metaverse space.

Users can use this protocol to buy, sell and even store their digital assets as long as they are in the virtual world. SAND also helps to drive the NFT marketplace on its native ecosystems. It can carry out those transactions and enable users to secure their non-fungible assets. Besides that, as a developer, you can also develop your metaverse-related project, including games on SAND’s official network, and get recognition. SAND is built on the Ethereum (ETH) network, and its market supply is at 3 billion.

Why Big Eyes Coin (BIG)?

Big Eyes PreSale Now Live

If you are looking for trending cryptocurrencies in the market, you will most likely find Big Eyes Coin (BIG) on the list. According to their website, it’s not to be confused with regular meme tokens and is a community-driven protocol. BIG also promises transparency, which even the utility token lacks nowadays.

This could be why crypto regulation firms such as Liquidity Finance back it. You will also be surprised to hear that BIG has a clear roadmap that could allow it to reach the NFT market. This could be a significant turning point in BIG’s price action. There is also the fact that BIG’s core development team has announced that they will be playing their role in different charities. As far as BIG’s token supply goes, it’s limited to just under 200 billion units. These will, of course, be subjected to token burns.

The Best Way to Get Big Eyes Coin (BIG) In Pre-sale

To get BIG tokens while it’s in pre-sale, follow the steps below.

    • Head to the official sales pages (link provided) and log in with your cryptocurrency wallet.
    • Now provide them with a specific trade pair and transfer funds
    • After the pre-sale, you will be eligible to withdraw. As a heads-up, BIG has secured more than $11 million in token sales.

Crypto winter is probably not over, and we are heading for more lows. In times like these, BTC seems to be the right thing to settle on, but it requires serious holding power, which for the average Joe is impossible. Tokens like BIG are a fresh breath of air in these conditions, and it’s up to the market makers how they go on with their growth.

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