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You can now download a new version of VoxEdit! As a result of optimizations, the software now runs faster, handles memory better when editing large volumes without crashing and is less performance heavy. Here, you’ll learn about every new feature that has been implemented to make this the fastest, smoothest, and best update yet.

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UX Themes

You can now fancy up the looks of your VoxEdit by customising both a color scheme and an accent color.

Inverse Kinematics

With the introduction of the Inverse Kinematics, animating can now be easier and faster. Where with forward kinematics, if you wanted to move a leg from point A to point B you needed to move all the leg joints separately (thigh, lower leg and foot), now with inverse kinematics this is all more intuitive and fast.

You just use an effector (the controller of your joints) and it’ll automatically make the calculation from point A to point B. Less hassle and an easier animation altogether!


  • Undo
    Sometimes more is better, which is why we’ve incremented the amount of undo steps from 10 to 30 to make your changes faster.
  • Fill Inbetween

Found in the Timeline’s contextual menu, this feature allows for the automatic baking of keyframes.

  • Send to All
    You can also find another feature in the Timeline’s contextual menu which is the “Send to All”. It copies selected keyframes to all other animations, overwriting existing keyframes which simplifies your work a great deal.
  • Select All and Delete All Keyframes
A quick way of managing keyframes per Node.
  • Delete All Animations

This VoxEdit version will see the introduction of the broom button in the Animations panel, a long requested feature.


  • We have reinstated an option to export template-based assets to different formats.
  • Animation list is now alphabetically sorted.
  • Hovering over a node in the Viewport now highlights the node in the Skeleton panel.
  • Collapsed state of the timeline and animation panel will be saved between sessions.
  • active hit area for the floor grid has been enlarged in the Animator, so the artist can orbit the camera around a farther away point in the floor.
  • A “Hand Cursor” now shows when hovering news banner images and tutorial thumbnails.
  • On MacOs the “Sync to MagicaVoxel” now also reminds the user to associate VOX files with MagicaVoxel (it is asked automatically on Windows).


Many crashes have met their doom with this new update. No more random crashes upon opening, no crashes when having the Timeline detached for a long time or when stress clicking 3D gizmos in Viewport. No more fear of the editor crashing when exporting pivoting assets at 1000 or more units from the origin.

More features will come, so keep an eye out for us and keep on creating!

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