Enjin Coin: Live on the Mainnet

ERC-1155 tokens can now be struck on Ethereum Mainnet — and absolutely nothing will ever be the same again.

“The beginning is the most important portion of the work. ”

— Plato

Amazon, Search engines, Microsoft, and Apple are multi-billion buck companies that fundamentally changed entire industries, but this is not the only thing they have got in common.

These titans of technologies had extremely humble beginnings — they started in garages.

In case you look back through webpages of history, you’ll learn a valuable lesson — the key to disruption is based on being enthusiastic .

Flaming with problems, ideas plus wrongs that you want to right — and then actually solving all those problems and executing your ideas.

“When it comes to creativity, an ounce of delivery is worth more than a ton of theory. ”

— Phil McKinney

Right now, our ideas are no longer only a theory — we are thrilled outside of words to announce the particular successful start of our smart contracts within the Ethereum Mainnet. To date, these are the most advanced plus complex smart contracts positioned on Ethereum.

The heart of our platform, the particular carefully designed blockchain road, the decentralized substrate that will underpins and powers the massive infrastructure, the core foundation associated with ENJ is now live.

We used over three or more. 8 million ENJ token great the first ever ERC-1155 items!

Greater than 30 types of special products have been chiseled into the webpages of blockchain history — we’ll disclose details about them at a future date.

Online game developers can now mint their own ERC-1155 bridal party that consider shape as game products, collectibles, and in-game foreign currencies.

They will have the full might of the ENJ ecosystem at their convenience, and can add cryptocurrency-backed what to their upcoming games without needing to write just one line of blockchain code.

We all believe that ERC-1155 is the following, natural evolution of ERC-20 and ERC-721 token criteria.

Good that it’s bound to substitute them, due to its superior technical features — ERC-1155 enables the bundling of complex transactions plus creation associated with fungible, semi-fungible, and non-fungible tokens using a single group of smart contracts.

Interestingly, ERC1155 use-cases are not limited to the video gaming industry —its power could be harnessed for everything from supply chain administration and social media networks & apps, to licensing THREE DIMENSIONAL industrial models and assisting security for autonomous automobiles.

Video games like War of Crypto (PC, Android, plus iOS) and 9Lives Arena (PC, Xbox One particular, and PlayStation 4) have previously announced plans to adopt the particular ERC-1155 standard to tokenize their games’ heroes plus sidekicks.

Destiny is Created with Code

“Let the future tell the truth, plus evaluate each one according to their work and accomplishments. The current is theirs; the future, that I have really worked, is mine. ”

— Nikola Tesla

The particular Mainnet launch is just an additional piece of a machine all of us started forging almost the year ago.

It isn’t really the final part of that contraption — just an essential, core piece of the metaphorical blockchain device this is the ENJ ecosystem.

Some parts of this device, like the Enjin Smart Wallet , are live and throwing for a while now. Over 200 thousand iOS and Google android users are reaping the advantages of a fanatically secure cryptocurrency vault, featuring a constantly evolving group of features, UI/UX improvements plus security updates .

Other elements of this device will come to life soon.

Our Unity SDK will open the doors in order to blockchain to over 4. five million developers.

EnjinX will certainly redefine the way you search the particular blockchain — and the way blockchain programmers create DApps.

Efinity will open the particular floodgates of adoption, allowing hundreds of millions harness the power from the 21st century’s most important creation.

“It will be change, continuing change, unavoidable change, that is the dominant element in society today.

Simply no sensible decision can be produced any longer without taking into account not just the world as it is, but the entire world as it will be. ”

— Isaac Asimov

We’re in the midst of the particular 4th industrial revolution, certain together by blockchain— affecting everything from AI and autonomous vehicles to IoT plus 3d printing.

Today, we’re doing good to build blockchain technologies that may power the tokenized entire world of tomorrow. ERC-1155 currently has a plethora of some other use-cases than gaming.

While our mission would be to bring fairness and purpose in order to gaming , it’s just the first degree in the campaign.

We want to replace the world — one line of code with a time.

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