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The blockchain developer and co-founder of Portion – a brand new online auction house – discusses its Decentraland launch at Art Week 2021.

Hey Jason, provide us the rundown on Portion

Portion is a decentralized auction house that was created to directly support the greater artistic community. It was established in 2016 to capture the digital scarcity paradigm shift. The team has vast experience – I was a crypto artist during the Rare Pepe era, for those of you who remember the phenomenon, widely considered to be the catalyst to modern-day NFT ecosystems. Portion caters to both established artists via drops and any artist through the open auction house. Anybody can create an NFT and receive 100% of the proceeds, outside of any middleman or gatekeeper.

What will you be bringing to Decentraland with your new gallery? What can the community expect?

Portion will be bringing an unprecedented curatorial experience in order to Decentraland. Our community is vast, and rich with passion, talent, and desire. We are incredibly excited to merge our creator community with Decentraland and witness the birth of exciting synergies within the NFT space. While we don’t focus on any art genres in particular, we are excited to open decentralized curation that allows the community to curate shows in Portion’s Decentraland art museum. We enjoy being the humble stewards of talent and inspiration, which our community provides on a daily basis.

Our dream digital art exhibition would involve having countless individuals gaze in awe at the virtual museum… perhaps a vast rocketship as the centerpiece; with a target aimed for the vast beyond so we can seed the cosmos with our community’s inspirations.

What’s your experience of Decentraland been like so far?

What we appreciate most about Decentraland is that it has essentially created a functional decentralized digital world, building on top of early forerunners like Second Life, and taking it to a previously inconceivable new paradigm. What Decentraland does for the crypto community at large is monstrous, because the ability to interact within the exceptional worlds of infinite creation makes us feel fortunate to be living during these exciting modern times.

What would your dream digital art exhibition look like?

Our dream digital art exhibition would certainly involve having countless individuals gaze in awe at the virtual museum that we manifested into existence in Decentraland. Perhaps a vast rocketship as the centerpiece; talented digital artwork loaded inside and around, with a target aimed for the vast beyond so we may seed the cosmos with our community’s inspirations.

Why is the virtual social world of Decentraland important for digital art?

A digital world that ensures digital scarcity and is agnostic to DeFi experimentation provides infinite value to the world. The concept of having a singular place that’s accessible to the masses for socialization and collaboration opens up the pathways for creativity to spawn at levels never witnessed in history. Artists having the ability to create together without leaving their homes will exponentially increase the rate of expression in the new creative economic climate.

How would you like the Decentraland Art Precinct – and Decentraland as a destination for digital art generally – to evolve in the coming years?

Our hope is for Decentraland to become a fully VR accessible platform for browsing realms and building new paradigms. This in turn paves the way for adoption as well as cements the importance of digital assets for future generations.

Describe the Portion Decentraland gallery in five years’ time?

In 5 years, the gallery will undoubtedly be full with some of the finest NFT art on the planet, with established sections for renowned art as well as areas for emerging artists, so that they too can grow in the same fractal process that gives rise to the Picassos of the future.

Visit the event list for Portion’s gallery launch on Day 2 at Art Week, and stay tuned for more profiles in the coming days and weeks.

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