Dawn Token Swap FAQ

We believed you might have questions, so we proceeded to go over some of the most frequently asked questions. Unless you find your answers right here, don’t worry! We’re right here to help. Visit us on anybody of our social media platforms, and would be glad to help.

Why are you carrying out a token swap?

You can find both technical and company reasons for this token swap.

Company reasons

  • FirstBlood ICO, one of the early token product sales, was conducted in 2016 when the blockchain ecosystem has been very different from what it is nowadays. Because of the evolution in the blockchain space, we are able to offer the users a variety of additional electricity by moving to a brand new chain. More on this within the technical section.
  • Dawn will allow us in order to restructure, and most importantly, in order to expand our token use-case and tokenomics to improve the particular FirstBlood ecosystem — bringing additional worth to our users.
  • Swapping tokens to the brand new chain allows us to implement appropriate KYC/AML practices to ensure conformity with local laws plus governing regulatory bodies.

Technical factors

  • The particular legacy FirstBlood 1ST symbol is from the era prior to the ERC-20 token standard. The particular token smart contract itself is not really without its quirks. The brand new contract will feature all the innovations that have been developed into the particular ERC-20 and ERC-777 regular since that time.
  • The new Dawn token permits seamless integration with the FirstBlood site , where people may use the token for competing PC and mobile gaming.
  • The new Dawn expression provides better integration using the decentralised finance ecosystem, like cash-in & cash-out ramps, automated liquidity providers, plus access to lending pools.
  • The new Dawn token provides us an easier migration route for a new blockchain later on, like our in-development Cosmos-based chain.

What can I do with brand new Dawn tokens?

Daybreak token has payment plus subscription use cases:

  • Get VIP membership for FirstBlood competition company through staking
  • Entry to exclusive content/tournaments for stakers
  • One-off buy-ins in order to tournaments and battles
  • Competition prize payout

In the long term, we are furthermore looking into

  • Decentralized product governance
  • Decentralized tournament hosting/organising
  • Decentralized game result verification
  • Tokenized team management
  • Rewards for recommendations
  • Gamer Loyalty Points

By utilizing Dawn for these activities, FirstBlood can support our global user-base better. FirstBlood has a huge audience in countries deficient robust and inexpensive electronic payment systems. By using a cryptocurrency to reach out to those players, we allow them to start their particular professional gaming career plus earn income for playing, with no hurdles that impede the particular millions of players in conventional markets.

Presently, FirstBlood supports DOTA2 plus PUBG PC games. Nevertheless , we have a pipeline of recent PC games and cellular games coming soon.

Have a game you would like to see us assistance? Let us know!

How does the particular token swap work?

In order to swap your bridal party, the wallet you hold your own 1ST tokens in should have the ability to interact with the expression swap smart contract. Before you begin, make sure you ensure that your tokens are in a wallet on the approved checklist . If they are not, make sure you download one of the approved purses and transfer your tokens there.

Once your own tokens are in the correct pocket, you can proceed to the symbol swap website, which you can discover here. There, you need to produce a FirstBlood user account, and we’ll verify your identity paperwork.

After we now have verified your identity, your own wallet will be white-listed, and you will proceed to swap your FIRST tokens directly to Dawn. Following the swap is complete, you can receive your Dawn immediately within the same wallet a person performed the swap.

Why is the identity check out required?

FirstBlood did not extensively verify the particular buyers when FirstBlood ICO was conducted in 2016. The residents of a few countries, like the United States, might not be eligible to participate in the purchasing and trading activity of our own token due to the regulations. Hence, we want to make sure that all new expression holders come from countries that individuals can support.

We are going to check identifying documents of all of the token holders performing the particular swap. You will need to have a government-issued id, such as a passport or even driver’s license, to proceed.

See the list of backed ID documents in Jumio’s FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section here .

How is my personal information managed?

We are devoted to the security and protection of the personal information. We will retain your own personal identification information online just for the time we need to process it.

After the information is definitely processed, we will relocate the information to offline storage for that duration we have legal responsibilities to keep it. We want to make sure that simply no sensitive information is kept in online systems to reduce the damage hacks or various other cyber criminality can cause.

What is the technical details for Dawn token?

You can find technical information on the website at Dawn. org .

What if We are not eligible for the token swap?

If you verify that you participated in the FirstBlood ICO in 2016, and then you’re not eligible for a symbol swap, please contact the support to see what choices we have for you.

As proof, we need you to sign a message with the Ethereum private keys that were utilized in a transaction to take part in the ICO.

When you have bought tokens not through FirstBlood ICO, but through some secondary market, all of us cannot help you and we recommend you contact the supplementary market you are a customer for.

How FIRST tokens match Dawn tokens?

We swap bridal party 1: 1 from FIRST tokens to Dawn tokens.

Once 1ST bridal party are swapped, they will be burned and removed from circulation.

In the end, only brand new Dawn tokens will be left.

Is there a moment limit for the swap?

As of the composing of this, we will keep operating the token swap website until the designated time has ended. The amount of time will be based on token holders through neighborhood voting. Sufficient time is going to be provided to give everyone a chance to exchange their legacy FirstBlood tokens for Dawn.

At some point, it is likely that we need to close up down the swap portal. Next, all token swaps have to be manually processed through FirstBlood support.

May custodians, like exchanges, may swap tokens on behalf of their users?

If you are the centralised exchange and want to exchange tokens on the behalf of the users, please contact the support team.

We are going to give you a swap guide make up a special whitelisted deal with for you that you can use to exchange tokens from your hot plus cold wallets.

Exactly what wallets can I use to swap?

Great news! We now have a variety of options for you. Any kind of WalletConnect wallet choices are compatible with our token exchange tool. Please move your own legacy 1ST to one from the approved wallets before changing. You will also need gas in order to process your transactions.

Do you a lot more questions? Let us know! We are often standing by to help. Drop as one of our channels and state hello. We’d love to listen to from you. We look forward to getting you more updates because they develop, but be sure to look out for new games coming very soon.

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