Community Update #12

Along with Wave 2 around the corner, we have got some exciting up-dates to share with you! This Neighborhood Update will cover what we have been working on lately, such as the latest technical developments to both the platform and the network.

Iterative Release #4

We’ve produced numerous changes to the system in April, mostly concentrating on improving the user experience plus accuracy of economic functions, and facilitating specific elements relating to uploading games plus DLC’s on Ultra.

Our in-house Oracle is currently operational, allowing for a highly precise live on-chain conversion price and can be used by the entire DAPP ecosystem free of charge. The Ultra Wallet furthermore now displays, next to the user’s UOS balance, the fiat value. This is permitted by utilizing our Oracle’s reside data and allows a person to see their own local fiat currency (Dollars, Euros, and so forth ) in their wallet.

Among the various enhancements to the user experience, here are a few of the most notable:

  • Updated sign-up plus authentication process to incorporate Ultra’s SSO (Single Sign On)
  • Brand new web specialist
  • Improved Extremely Games file downloader
  • Improved Ultra Video games and DLC uploader
  • Improved file system to get games and SDK-Direct6
  • Upgraded full-screen function

The Blockchain Team’s Progress

The blockchain team has been busy recently, with a lot of focus on screening and deploying foundational technology that our platform relies on.

We’ve spent lots of time on our custom, on-chain Oracle which we use designed for crypto to fiat sales. Deploying an Oracle safely and ensuring that it has higher availability is a challenging job that involves a lot of coordination plus attention to detail.

Our core focus continues to be getting the Mainnet launched. Which means that we have been resolving many, numerous internal dependencies, finalizing procedures and permission structures, plus going over all the deployment information with our professional Block Producers companions. Infrastructure has already been deployed plus we’re putting it via its paces with continuous benchmarking, which we subsequently have been using to fine-tune and optimize the system architecture. Our internal protection guru (happy birthday! ) has been sneakily poking plus prodding at all exposed end-points to ensure our network’s condition. On top of all that, we’re rapidly progressing with improvements that will we’ll be deploying following the network launches.

Below you can see a report from your blockchain team’s Jira (where the magic happens). This displays a graph of the team’s issue status over the existence of the project. The speed is staggering!

As you may know, Ultra’s blockchain is unique in several methods: It has no account development fees, a resource administration designed to allow truly totally free transactions, Ultra’s own customized NFT standard which fulfills business and regulator requirements, and much more. To develop such a complicated and innovative blockchain demands an incredible amount of expertise plus diligence and we’re assured that we’ll deliver the blockchain that will not only really serve the gaming market but also be the first option for enterprises looking to set up to web3.

With all the launch of Mainnet, Influx 2, and the public launch ahead, we’re continuing in order to get blockchain developers . All of us expect this rapid embrace completed tasks to continue within the coming months.

Effortlessly Buy UOS with Credit Card

One of our core targets as a disruptive games submission platform is to allow definitely anyone, regardless of technical or even financial knowledge, to take advantage of our blockchain-based solution. Along with Ultra, gamers will be able to purchase, play, and trade video games like they would in the actual physical world, seamlessly and without restriction.

Once we move live on the mainnet, customers will be able to buy games along with UOS tokens and conventional currencies (USD, CAD, EUR, GBP and AUD) because of our newest partner, Simplex .

Simplex is a top on/off ramps solution within the financial blockchain space and it is a widely used financial institution. Simplex empowers its vast system of partners to accept the particular widest range of payment strategies, including Visa, MasterCard, Apple company Pay, SWIFT, SEPA, and much more. The recent integration associated with Simplex within the Ultra system allows us to process fiat obligations in accordance with the highest security plus performance standards.

Purchase Tangible Goods through Amazon, Walmart, and auction web sites with UOS

Buy your favorite AMD GPU directly from Ultra with 2% discount!

With the growing importance of cryptocurrencies in the global economy, plus ecommerce in particular, cryptocurrency customers increasingly want to be able to invest directly from their own wallet, without needing to use third parties like exchanges or banks. This really is all the more true in the video gaming world. We understand that players, streamers, and game programmers must be able to easily transform their earnings into physical goods.

We’ve built-in Shopping. io into the Super platform to give you the independence to spend UOS with the greatest ecommerce sites such as Walmart, eBay, and Amazon. To suit your needs, this means you can earn UOS via various activities on the Super platform, such as trading products and NFTs, watching reside streams, and participating in competitions, and spend it upon physical goods (like video gaming gear or a new graphics card).

Including Buying. io technology and providers into our ecosystem offers a valuable financial tool for that Ultra community, allowing customers to use the UOS these people earn outside of the Ultra system.

Welcome to Zilch our Growth Hacker!

As we’re working with numerous game developers to help all of them integrate their past plus future games onto the particular Ultra platform, we’re ramping up our marketing game. Our content will equipment more toward the video gaming community, focusing on gaming associated content and announcements. To get this, we’ve hired the talented Growth Hacker through London whose experience is based on social media management and electronic marketing within the esports plus gaming space.

Beginning this month, Nada could keep the community updated on forthcoming news surrounding Ultra’s growth, including new partnerships, concealed from the public view, and the latest games to become added onto the platform.

Our Local community is Growing

Influx 2 Community Events

April has been a quite exciting month on the local community events side! Our close friends from @Ultra_Community organized 3 Telegram game contests plus rewarded three winners along with Wave 2 access goes by. In total, we’ve given away an astonishing 26 passes for the extremely anticipated release of Influx 2 . The seats are usually limited but we intend to give away a few more in the arriving weeks while our dev team refine the construct meant to go live on mainnet.

To be in using a chance to gain exclusive entry to the platform, sign up now upon the website plus follow us on Twitter .

Welcome to our Expanding French Community

You probably already know that our People from france audience is the biggest non-english-speaking Ultra community. In order to assistance our increasing presence within the French crypto space, we have created a Twitter account focused on delivering the hottest news, the particular dankest memes, and the majority of comprehensive guides about Extremely in French.

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We’ve had an incredible development of users on Telegram, welcoming more than 10, 500 new members in just several days and expect this craze to continue in the coming months.

Word of Mouth is Great for Ultra

The effect of our incredible community as well as the public awareness raised simply by influencers is amazing for all of us and everyone who thinks in Ultra’s success. Lots of people are currently on their journey associated with discovering cryptocurrencies with Extremely and we’re confident that will we’ll see a similar design of growth as we do recently when gamers begin discovering the Ultra system. Since the platform is specifically made to empower gamers, our own mission statement will carry on and spread throughout communities about the world.

We want to complete by saying a huge appreciate it to everyone who’s backed us since the very beginning, individuals who have recently joined us, as well as the many that’ll discover all of us in the near future: We thank you for discussing our vision of the future of gaming.

Buckle up, we’re only getting started!

About Ultra

Ultra is the first amusement platform providing all essential games industry services within single roof, accessible via a single login.

Constructed around our PC game distribution platform, Ultra Video games, our platform will provide entry to countless centralized and decentralized services: Discover, buy, perform and sell your games plus in-game items, watch live-streaming feeds, interact with your favorite influencers, participate in contests, compete within tournaments and much more.

Ultra has been created to extinguish the frontier among blockchain and mass marketplace, between DAPPS and Applications and between legacy products and NFTs.

To learn more, please visit, plus follow along on our main Tweets account , our gaming Tweets account , and Telegram .

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