Atari Token Economic Improvement Policy & Atari Casino

Atari Token Burn Policy & New Use Cases, especially the Atari Casino

Providing our community with what they’ve requested most has been our priority. We are pleased to announce The Atari Token Economic Improvement Policy today!

As part of a sound economic improvement policy, we have decided to burn progressively the Atari Tokens that have not been allocated, i. e. those held in the Treasury Wallet. We have set an internal burn percentage for the next three years. The fate of unallocated Atari Tokens (if any!) after this initial rollout period of 3 years will be decided by the community.

You can find all the details for the burn within the ‘Atari Token Economic Improvement’ document on our webpage. It’ll live on the footer at the bottom of the homepage.

Atari Token Economic Improvement Policy:

We trust this policy is good and serves the long-term interests of the project in a very transparent manner. We hope you will like it, and we can not thank you enough for your support.

As you are aware, our main priority at Atari Token is providing as many use cases as possible to Atari Token holders, in addition to the ones that currently exist. We will continue to work hard on all our upcoming use cases, especially the Atari Casino. More updates on this in the near future. As for our next steps we will be emphasizing on creating pools of tokens (i. e. we will be moving tokens to the circulating supply) to pay for your winnings.


Since 1971, ATARI has been one of the most innovative and iconic brands in entertainment. As pioneers of electronic games, they have continued to innovate and flourish in many markets, including gaming. They built their very own digital currency (Atari Token) recently, and are now making waves in yet another industry.

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