Atari Crypto Exchange Enables Trade of Ethereum, Fantom & ATRI Using Metamask 2022 | Partners With ICICB For E-Payments

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Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have not only influenced the video game industry, but also financial institutions on a global level. With every industry being impacted, it is clear that decentralization is here to stay. As more of the world adopts new technology, there is still the need to create a bridge to the old world. Atari, the video game innovator and interactive entertainment company behind the Atari Chain and its native token ATRI is doing just that.

Atari has announced plans to launch a high-end centralized exchange that will serve all cryptocurrency-related needs of the Atari community. The development of the Atari exchange follows that of the Atari DEX, a decentralized exchange that enables trading between ATRI, Ethereum (ETH) and Fantom (FTM) via the MetaMask browser extension.

Atari Smart Wallet & DeFi offers Complete Decentralized Exchange Ecosystem

Atari further delved into the decentralized world through the creation of the Atari Smart Wallet and Atari DeFi, and now the rapidly expanding Atari blockchain ecosystem has its eyes set on conquering the centralized markets as well. With a wide array of existing partnerships and licenses, the Atari Exchange is in a position to offer e-payments, banking services, debit cards, and much more with its partner, the ICICB group.

Atari’s new exchange will feature a state-of-the-art professional trading interface for experienced traders, as well as a “simple trade” interface for those who do not want to set their own price, API access, KYC and AML protection, two-factor authentication, and 24-hour support. By adding the Atari Exchange, the Atari Chain ecosystem has firmly established itself as an all-encompassing blockchain ecosystem capable of meeting the needs of not only the blockchain gaming community, but the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem as well.

Due to a cooperative agreement between Atari and ICICB, which is located in Dubai, the Atari Chain is well on its way to becoming the premier blockchain community and exchange provider in the Middle East and looks to establish a solid economy that will last for decades.

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