23. Rogier Van Der Beek, Lead Concept Artist, designs iconic Illuvials with modern tech and a 90’s…

23. Rogier Vehicle De Beek, Lead Idea Artist, designs iconic Illuvials with modern tech along with a 90’s flair

Rogier Van De Beek

Rogier Van De Beek includes a high endurance for the high performance production schedule at Illuvium. 12 hour days are typical, but this is no big-deal for Rogier. Day within and day out, Rogier’s pictures bring life to the heroes. Not only their physical functions, but the visible cues of the personalities, their soulfulness or even fearsomeness or even more subtle, complicated traits. His concept artwork is key to the articulation from the world of Illuvium.

“I think the particular eventual look of the game will be impressive to the market, ” Rogier says. “It will have a very unique mixture of stylization and realism simultaneously. We have a game which is visually appealing to people who were raised in the 90’s and to those who are gamers now. We make use of today’s tech and visual power to bring a world to our lives that would’ve also flawlessly fit in a 90’s toon. It will draw people right into a world of characters along with strong personalities that you relationship with, while also becoming an adventure in a fantastical entire world. It’s going to be a great deal of fun. ”

Over the past decade, Rogier is a freelance concept artist plus illustrator with work comprising print, film, toys, concept parks, and games. Identified in the world of tabletop RPGs, Rogier worked at Paizo like a character designer for more compared to six years. An entrepreneur plus consultant, he also works together with companies to create new products, plus started a gaming add-ons and merchandising company. Their experience in creating special characters and giving them the personality is his essential skill set for Illuvium, in which he develops characters, ideas, plus overall 2D graphics since the Lead Concept Artist.

Illustration from Rogier’s own IP — DAY
Illustration through Rogier’s own IP — DAY

Rogier ensures conceptualization and 2D images stay on-concept, on stage in style, and remains constant (a form of quality control). He works closely using the Art Director and Prospect Game Designer. “They indication off on ideas plus looks that I, or all of us as the concept artists, may come up with. This can be in terms of heroes, their abilities, or what sort of certain terrain could look. ”

Rogier Van De Beek

His creative procedure involves finding references, painting, watching videos, and getting discussions with other team members. Synthesizing of all of that information, Rogier then sets out to catch the elusive qualities of every Illuvial that gives them their particular charisma — including small details plus clues that hint highly at traits that may not really demonstrate themselves in the game play, but characterizes that Illuvial visually.

“The biggest thing about producing the characters is their own likeability, uniqueness, and if are going to recognizable, ” Rogier points out. “Every single one of them needs to be their own distinct character, even though they appear in the same series, they have different personalities through stage to stage. They have to eventually be as easy for individuals to identify and have an instant really feel for, as if they were the Pikachu, Charmander, Charizard… Providing that recognizable personality to some character is the challenge which makes my work so fulfilling when we hone in onto it and deliver a fully-realized character. ”

Because of Illuvium’s unique construction as a DAO, Rogier has the capacity to branch out into other locations of production and seek advice from on how his work is going to be interpreted by other primary contributors. “This would be the very first time for me where I function so closely to the Artwork Director and other department qualified prospects on a project this dimension, ” Rogier explains. “I’m able to be involved and have the say in almost every phase of the realization of a personality. Meaning I get to see the very first blockouts of a 3D design, the texturing, the computer animation and eventually the VFX. Which means that almost every character eventually happens exactly to how I/our team concepted it. The particular uniqueness of this project for me personally, is that so far we’ve had the opportunity to stay so close to the ideas.. I’ve not had that will happen on any task in the last 10 years! ”

Beyond that a lot more intimate knowledge of how their work carries through the manufacturing line through other sections, Rogier, who has been in the particular crypto space since 2017 and is familiar with DAOs, considers the DAO structure is a great way to create a game. “I was not nervous. I’d review DAOs and this is exactly how work will evolve later on. At Illuvium specifically, we now have a lot of fun! The people are very nice very skilled. We have a few crazy talented people within the art department that are developing all-new workflows in UE that come half from movie and half from Star Trek . There is a sense of neighborhood within the team (for me personally anyway) which is refreshing right after 10 years of freelancing. ”

Rogier’s idea art for the game, plus Cosplay Promo Series:

Rogier Van Sobre Beek’s incredible concept artwork for Illuvium.

12 hour function days are not uncommon, yet fortunately, the flow condition isn’t uncommon either. Even though it depends a bit on the job at hand. “If I have to color something in full detail, such as I did for the promo NFT’s, then all I really require is time, ” Rogier states. “To crank that away quickly, I just need to sit down undisturbed with some music upon and grind away. However, when I’m concepting character types it’s a much more active procedure which usually involves a lot of painting, and research and testing out ideas and getting opinions, after that revising extensively. Overall I am always very aware of the time and consciously split up my work days within small chunks. That way I could just keep going all day and night. ”

Despite all day, all night sessions, Rogier always makes time to walk Yuna, his Swiss white shepherd. Almost 6 years old, faithful, and always at their side. “When I’m functioning she’s always either below my desk, or twisted up around my chair. ”


Strolling Yuna is a good reset, as well as a centering activity to reinvigorate him for the next lengthy stretch of labor. “I walk Yuna… A lot, ” Rogier smiles. “Anyone within this team who works with myself daily will have to have become this message from me personally at some time during the project ‘I’m out walking my dog’. While the dog is having enjoyable I usually go out and consider ‘work’ or just not consider it and clear my thoughts. Whatever is necessary. ” Along with 12 hour work times, it’s nice for Rogier to have a devoted 24/7 partner to help him cope. Within Illuvium, you will have a companion as well. A trusty Polymorphic Subordinate Drone. One model is usually m0z4rt, whom Rogier developed.

“The perfect sidekick for any journey is going to be loyal, constant, and pleasant, ” Rogier explains. “That’s what m0z4rt will be for everybody who plays the game. It will be loyal to you, and will also be loyal to it too. ” He pats Yuna at the head. “It’s always better to have a companion, when you are on a big adventure. ”

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