22. Alexandre Belbari, Lead Animator, can’t wait for you to see how our top-notch…

22. Alexandre Belbari, Lead Animator , can’t wait for one to see how our top-notch, cinematic-quality crypto game will revolutionize everything

“My office space is essential and so I try to make it as comfortable as I can. I fill it with some cool toys and artbooks. ” — Alex

The week leading up to the release of our Illuvium cinematic trailer was a significant time crunch. With 168 hours left till deadline, the core contributors were streamlining workflows to nail their high standard and never have to slow down. Their effective reactiveness to the challenges that arose, and ability to quickly problem solve, can be credited to their collective years of professional experience. Alexandre Belbari, Lead Animator, cited period of experience as the most important edge that a pro in animation could have.

“One must be crazy or passionate to put in the hours required to get to a good professional level, ” that he explains. “I am talking years and years of full commitment. Those thousands of hours that an animator spends animating and researching is often getting in the way of other normal social activities but hey, that’s the buying price of doing what you love. ” And because of that commitment, the Illuvium core could accomplish a huge feat of artistry in a short timeframe, that could have taken other teams additional delays.

After graduating from ESMA, in the south of France, in 2010, Alex began working with Marvel on projects like X-Men . The following four years, Alex was able to work with and learn from key animators on the market. Alex moved to ILM Lucasfilm where he labored on notable projects including Transformers, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxies, Godzilla and Ready Player One . With this considerable experience under his belt, that he started to freelance as a Senior Animator.

Animating Hulk Buster for Avengers: Infinity War.
Animating Rocket for Marvel Guardians of the Galaxies. “Super fun to animate. ” — Alex
Dewback Animation for Star Wars’ Mandalorian. “It was an excellent challenge considering how heavy they need to feel. “ = Alex

After ten years in the film industry, Alex’s credits continue steadily to appear across many studios, including MPC, Method, theMill, and Pixomonodo on various projects including: Men in Black, IT 2, League of Legends and more recently, The Mandalorian , the hit Star Wars television franchise. Through Illuvium, Alex enters the gaming genre as a Lead Animator, infusing the project with the passion, knowledge and skills he refined through years of film industry experience.

“This is what my view-port appears like when rigging and animating the Ramphyre in Maya, then we export Caches of the motion to Unreal Engine, and this is where the Lighting and FX are added to get the result. ” — Alex

The Lead Animator’s task is to identify the animation style. “Illuvium has a large amount of Illuvials, and they are all type of crazy creatures, that you won’t find on the world. The challenges as an animator is that you may not find real video references which means you need to be creative and regulate how its going to move. There was an insane amount of animations to create, so another great challenge is to keep the same style for each Illuvial. ”

An animator will often put extra hours if given what’s called a “hero” shot, meaning a shot that can show plenty of character detail. Alex animates his best pieces when he is excited about the shot, especially a hero shot. “Give me a great and challenging shot, ” Alex says, “enough time to animate, some good songs, and this could be the perfect cocktail of a flow state. ”

Speaking of flow states, Alex knows that the key to unlocking his creativity is because of being in nature, and the power of simple things every day: “I have the opportunity to live in Thailand by the beach. My daily routine starts early, around 6. 30 am, feeding my angry and hungry chickens. I’ve silkies in my garden. However check the surf report. If we have waves, I’ve a session for an hour or so. Then breakfast and Boom! More ready to work after that. ”

A critical part of Alex’s work would be to stay creative, however , creativity is not unlimited energy. It requires to be recharged every once in awhile. “The solution that I came across was to expand my skills to other areas beyond animation. this way if I escape juice animating, I can for example spend a few weeks doing rigging, because it does not require so much Art juice, I quickly can also spend some time drawing and painting for some other projects etc . This time off from animation will basically allow myself to reset and see everything from a new angle. ”


In addition , the Lead Animator also builds the animation team, and maintain cohesion on the unified vision. “For general matters, I work very closely with the Art Director and Game Designer, ” Alex says. “On the technical side, I work very closely with the animators as well as the rigging department. I assign tasks to the animators. and make sure to push, and raise, the level of what we execute. ”

Alex enjoys that in Illuvium, he can show greater leadership and creative freedom, as well as work closely with a team where everyone can make significant contributions to the project. “With Illuvium, the scale of the team is much smaller, at 40–50 people. With the 4 current animators, their work will have a larger impact. We also arrive at be closer as a whole team. ”

“One of the team goals of this game would be to bring cinematic-level animations in-game. We want to show that despite a small team, we can achieve what studio will achieve with a much bigger team, ” Alex says. “I think that the crypto gamers will be happy to see Illuvium proposing high-end visual art and animations, along with addictive game play. If we manage to push things the way we envision, and we will , then other artists in the industry will be very impressed with what a full remote team can do in a few months. It could also give a signal to bigger studios that crypto gaming is indeed coming and nothing can stop it. I won’t be amazed to see the biggest studios releasing nft games in the near future. ”

Even as interest in NFTs starts to explode world wide, Illuvium still leads the way in which in its artistry. “The road map of Illuvium is huge. Eventually, i will be working on expansion sets with increased content, zones and Illuvials, directly after the game release. In the crypto gaming scene, Illuvium will set the bar very high, with regards to visuals, animations, and 3D art. In my opinion, there is currently a missing piece in the crypto game industry and Illuvium will be the AAA first title to revolutionize in the way we fix this gap. Everyone is going to love it. ”

Professional 2D environment for a 2D animated commercial.

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