19. How To Claim The Balancer Bonus NFTs

Best Row: Rhamphyre NFT. Following row: m0z4rt skin. Following two rows: Emotes. Last row: Badges.

Claims Process:

  1. Purchase your own $ILV during the sale
  2. For every 1 ETH you spend in the sale you are going to earn 1 point
  3. IMPORTANT — Do not sell $ILV or make transfers out of your wallet, as doing so forfeits your right to claim NFTs
  4. Wait until the sale ends
  5. Go to https://nfts.illuvium.io (This will only move live at the conclusion of the Balancer Sale)
  6. Connect your own wallet clicking in the plus check your available points.
  7. Choose your preferred NFTs and spend your factors to claim them.

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The particular sale goes live with 3pm Tuesday, 30th Mar 2021 (UTC), and will be reside for a maximum of 72 hrs. During this time you should check both the current price of $ILV, and the remaining supply.

The NFT redemption interface will go reside approximately 24 hours after the bottom line of the Balancer sale. It will be active designed for 7 days. Once it shuts, you will no longer be able to get your bonus NFTs. You will see a countdown widget to exhibit you the remaining time to state. There will be no way to reactivate the redemption interface, therefore all claims must be produced during this window.

Each transaction will incur a gas fee, and we suggest that you make all of your claims in a single transaction.

About the NFTs

The particular Rhamphyre NFTs are solely promotional. This means that they are not utilized in-game. However , this also implies that they have a strictly restricted supply. Once the claim time period ends, no more will actually be minted.

The particular M0z4rt Skins, Emotes, plus Badges are functional in-game, via redemption once the game goes live. They can be exchanged on any market just before launch, but to be used in-game you must own the NFT inside your linked wallet, and then receive them in-game which will burn off the NFT.

Badges do not cost points, they will simply have a points tolerance. The bronze badge includes a points threshold of zero, which means any kind of purchase dimension in the sale is enough in order to claim this badge.

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