VoxEdit Changelog — August 2021

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VoxEdit Changelog — August 2021

Our favorite 3D modelor plus animator is getting a nice gloss and a ton of new functions. Read on to find out what they are!

There is a new version associated with VoxEdit that you can download at this point! The software has been optimized therefore now it runs quicker, manages memory better whenever editing larger volumes with out crashing and it is less functionality heavy. Read on to learn each new feature that we have implemented to make this the fastest, smoothest and greatest update thus far.

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UX Themes

You can now extravagant up the looks of your VoxEdit by customising both the color scheme and a good accent color.

Inverse Kinematics

With the introduction from the Inverse Kinematics, animating can be easier and faster. Exactly where with forward kinematics, in case you wanted to move a lower-leg from point A in order to point B you required to move all the leg bones separately (thigh, lower-leg and foot), now along with inverse kinematics this is all of more intuitive and fast.



You just use an effector (the controller of your joints) and it’ll automatically associated with calculation from point The to point B. Much less hassle and an easier computer animation altogether!


  • Undo
    Occasionally more is better, which is why we have incremented the amount of undo methods from 10 to thirty to make your changes faster.
  • Fill Inbetween


Found in the particular Timeline’s contextual menu, this particular feature allows for the automated baking of keyframes.

  • Send out to All
    There are also another feature in the Timeline’s contextual menu which is the particular “Send to All”. This copies selected keyframes for all other animations, overwriting current keyframes which simplifies your projects a great deal.
  • Select All and Delete All Keyframes
A quick way of managing keyframes per Node.
  • Delete All of the Animations


This particular VoxEdit version will see the development of the broom button within the Animations panel, a long required feature.


  • We have reinstated an alternative to export template-based possessions to different formats.
  • Animation list is now alphabetically sorted.
  • Hanging over a node in the Viewport now highlights the client in the Skeleton panel.
  • Collapsed state of the schedule and animation panel is going to be saved between sessions.
  • active hit region for the floor grid continues to be enlarged in the Animator, therefore the artist can orbit the particular camera around a farther aside point in the floor.
  • A “Hand Cursor” now shows when hanging news banner images plus tutorial thumbnails.
  • On MacOs the “Sync to MagicaVoxel” now furthermore reminds the user to associate VOX files with MagicaVoxel (it is asked automatically upon Windows).


A lot of crashes have met their own doom with this new revise. No more random crashes on opening, no crashes whenever having the Timeline detached for a long period or when stress clicking on 3D gizmos in Viewport. No more fear of the publisher crashing when conveying pivoting assets at one thousand or more units from the origin.

More functions will come, so keep an eye out for all of us and keep on creating!

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