The Walking Dead LAND Sale Wave 3 — Commonwealth

The Walking Dead PROPERTY Sale Wave 3 — Commonwealth

We gear upward again on September ninth at 1PM UTC to keep grounds and keep the Earth safe and walker free.

For that third wave of this PROPERTY sale we reach the particular Commonwealth colony on Sept 9th where Negan can be awaiting to protect the 420 LANDs and 97 Premium LANDs.

Visit the map on 1PM UTC to grab your own LAND — while you still can.


  • An overall total of 420 LANDs plus 97 Premium LANDs are usually for sale
  • An overall total of 6x ESTATEs Ersus (3×3), 3x ESTATEs Mirielle (6×6) and 1x PROPERTY L (12×12) will be obtainable during this round and will be bought from auction on OpenSea.
  • The ESTATE L variations the main The Walking Lifeless 24×24 ESTATE, giving them extra value.
  • The highest bet at the end of the 24hr public sale will win the ESTATE.
  • Two new companions have joined the purchase: Tuschay and Andy Richy.

Make sure you have a signed up account at The Sandbox before the LAND sale begins.

Brand new Partners

The particular horde has gathered a lot of that we had to enlist 2 additional partners to keep all of them at bay and keep the Earth safe.

This particular LAND sale is joining together two Sandbox builders that will be building a community dependent around learning and creating the potentials of the Sport Maker and leveling upward players games. There will be sequels to games that are through both Andy and Tuschay’s universes as well as tutorial places to learn about implementing various techniques. It’s also an opportunity for the community to purchase PROPERTY near them so that we are able to continue building out the city we’ve been growing. Are going to holding contests where gamers will earn SAND, NFTs, and have a chance to feature their particular games on the main route of the social hub.

Here’s a trailer these people put together

Premium Countries

Each Premium LAND, around the second wave will be marketed with five exclusive NFTs from the The Walking Lifeless universe. These LANDs may have 1 Common, 2 Uncommon, 1 Epic and one Legendary Premium NFTS.


All of the sales for this wave can be accessed below:

*Note that the 12×12 ESTATE won’t be in the particular Wave 3 — Commonwealth area. Rather it will have a much more coveted area, touching the main The Strolling Dead ESTATE.

See you in the Metaverse !

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The Walking Dead PROPERTY Sale Wave 3 — Commonwealth was originally released in The Sandbox upon Medium, where people are ongoing the conversation by featuring and responding to this tale.

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