The Sandbox Partners with Snoop Dogg to Bring Legendary Rapper into the Metaverse

The Doggfather is certainly recreating his mansion within the virtual gaming world plus having a LAND sale which will start on September 30th.

It’s dropping news such as it’s hot! The Sandbox is certainly excited to announce a relationship with the legendary rapper, acting professional, songwriter, and entertainer Spy Dogg. Snoop Dogg is going to be setting up his mansion plus NFT collection in our metaverse, where he will perform reside concerts and interact with players.

Check Spy Dogg’s page for more information:

However don’t limit you to ultimately just interacting with Snoop — you may walk in his shoes due to carefully curated and created experiences including an exclusive character that will be available for purchase, along with the digital Doggfather items such as their personal car collection, canines, NFT art and more to work with in your own creations.


In parallel to that particular partnership, two LAND product sales will take place on September thirtieth and November 4th in which a total of 598 Countries and 212 Premium Countries will be sold on our chart. Additionally , six small Properties (3×3), three medium Properties (6×6) and one large PROPERTY L (12×12) will be bought from auction on OpenSea.

More details will be launched on the first wave quickly so stay tuned!

Snoop Dogg Personal Party Passes

1000 Snoop Dogg Private Celebration Passes will be released to provide you with access to Snoop Dogg’s personal metaverse parties, exclusive NFTs and priceless experiences. A few will be bundled with the superior LANDs in the next two Spy Dogg LAND sale waves.

As for the rest of all of them, you’ll have to keep an eye in order to learn how you can get your hands with this coveted NFT.

Make your ticket here:

About Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg happens to be on the cutting edge of new systems, investing in telemedicine and starting his own esports tournament collection, Gangsta Gaming League, within 2019. In April of the year, he dropped “A Journey with The Dogg”, the select set of NFTs made to offer a look into his lifestyle that included the unique track, NFT . His next step in to the NFT world takes your pet to The Sandbox , in which he will share his NFT collection with players close to the world.

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