The Sandbox Game Jam — Beast Quest

The Sandbox Game Jam — Beast Quest

Submit your adventurous type of game to win your own portion of the 100, 500 $SAND pool prize!

Find your own inner adventurer, we’re undertaking the interview process quest. A new game quickly pull has been announced with the additional bonus of a partner becoming a member of in the fun.

The theme of the Game Jam is:

“Beast Quest”

As simple as that will. Create your own adventure along with monsters, heroes, magic, unnatural beings and more. The restrict is your imagination!

To participate, all you absolutely need is to download our no-code Video game Maker for free and get your imagination upon high gear!

Seems doable? That’s because it is. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the latest jam.

For the game to be eligible, it ought to be related to the Beast Pursuit vibe which means we should discover some fantasy elements, creatures and heroes within your game experience.

There exists a Animal Quest collection on our Marketplace that can help a person build a faithful experience*.

Head over to the Marketplace to see the collection right now.

*Do remember that it is not really imperative to incorporate Beast Quest NFTs for your game to be eligible.

Important Dates

  • September sixth: Game Jam Announcement & Submission BEGIN
  • Sept 19th: Submissions CLOSE
  • September 20th: Voting starts
  • October 4th: Award Ceremony


The swimming pool of 100, 000 $SAND will be divided as follows:

  • 1st place — 40, 000 $SAND and one 1×1 LAND
  • 2nd place — 20, 000 $SAND and one 1×1 LAND
  • 3rd place — 10, 000 $SAND and one 1×1 LAND
  • 4th — 10th places — 4, 000 SAND and one 1×1 LAND each

That is not it however. The partner has gracefully agreed to include two additional awards for the winners:

  • The winners is going to be featured in the Beast Pursuit website and will receive the NFT of the published Beast Quest book.

How would be the experiences judged?

The experiences will be evaluated by both The Sandbox plus Beast Quest teams depending on a 100 points range:

– General Idea — (25 Points)
: Level/Game Design — (25 Points)
– Creativity — (25 Points)
– Playability — (25 Points)
– Bonus Points: Amazing Factor — (Up to 25 Points Extra)

Are Teams Allowed?

YES! You might work in teams of up to four people if desired! The particular prizing will be split based on the number of team members.

Can I create custom assets?

Yes! You are liberated to create and use your personal custom VoxEdit assets within game.
The best part is definitely, the whitelisting process continues to be removed so there is no need in order to submit them for acceptance!

How do I send my game Game designed for Judging?

We are using the Game Maker “Gallery” feature as a form regarding submissions.
You MUST add your game to the photo gallery following the GIF tutorial beneath and using the title: “Game Jam Beast Quest — Game Title”

About Beast Quest

With over one hundred books panning across over 20 series, Beast Mission is a best-selling saga associated with adventures taking place in the illusion world of Avantia.

Get started on your new quest today!

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