The Pororo LAND Sale

Join Pororo, the little penguin & friends on Sept 23rd at 1PM UTC for a new LAND sale.

Discover read more about Pororo’s universe and their particular new adventures in the metaverse:


  • The Pororo LAND purchase will start on Thursday Sept 23rd at 1PM UTC.
  • 512 LANDs is going to be for sale around the Pororo ESTATE.
  • 110 Premium Gets will be sold with a pack of four exclusive NFTs containing 1 Legendary, one Epic, 1 Rare, plus 1 Common NFT.
  • 1 Legendary Pororo NFT will be sold via public sale on OpenSea
  • Many 6 ESTATEs will be marketed via auction on OpenSea .

Get ready for an enjoyable party with our new companion, Pororo the little penguin great friends. Our next PROPERTY sale will take place on Sept 23rd at 1PM UTC where 512 LANDs plus 110 Premium LANDs is going to be for sale during this special event.

Superior LANDs

Each Premium PROPERTY is bundled with a randomly set of four NFTs, among each rarity. When simply clicking a LAND you will be able to examine the NFTs that are mounted on it which could help you in deciding. Here are the rarity types of each of these characters:

  • Legendary: Crong, Small, Loopy, Eddy
  • Epic: Rody, Poby, Harry, Tongtong
  • Uncommon: Pipi, Popo
  • Common: Pororo Balloon

Pororo and Friends NFTs

You can very own Pororo’s friends at the most ideal price by purchasing a Premium PROPERTY. However , if you missed your own chance to get the bundle, be concerned not, because you will still be capable to purchase Pororo NFTs upon The Sandbox Marketplace.

The Pororo Auction

The world’s beloved Pororo will be minted and auctioned on OpenSea. This will be a distinctive chance to own the very primary character of the show.

With the partnership between ICONIX plus The Sandbox, for the first time, Pororo is going to be minted as an NFT specifically on The Sandbox Platform. Do not miss the chance to own the very first Pororo NFT — the well-known plus beloved IP in Korea and across the world.

Owning this Pororo, will make you the only proprietor of this exclusive NFT within the Metaverse. You would be the only consumer who can use this NFT otherwise you avatar or create a game using Pororo that not one other has the right to generate. Your game will be the just game in which users can use Pororo.

Later on, there will be various Pororo character types of different skins and designs which will be auctioned, just like the original type of Pororo has been. Own a number of special Pororos for particular benefits that will be announced later on.

However , absolutely nothing can top the original Pororo NFT — as the benefit of owning this particular NFT will be the most unique. Stay tuned!


During this LAND selling we are welcoming five brand new partners that will be building encounters within The Sandbox. Discover who they actually are and their plans inside our metaverse below:


Round21 unlocks sports activity as a canvas for artwork to celebrate the creativity in every player.

Broken Twine

Broken Line helps talented artists plus creators execute creative, high-effort, community-first NFT projects. Their particular ESTATE will function as their particular Metaverse HQ, where they will plan to showcase their NFT collection, provide a space for individuals to hangout, host activities and leverage for upcoming projects.

Ape Harbour

Ape Harbour will be the first verified metaverse shipyard in history.

They will created 7777 exciting private yachts to roam the seas of the metaverse looking for brand new apeventures.

WoW (World of Women)

A collection of special, cool and diverse females, ready to leave an indicate in the NFT space! Planet of Women was created with the purpose of bringing more diversity plus representativity into the NFT room while bridging the distance between collectibles and individual edition art worlds. ten, 000 randomly generated electronic collectibles of various rarity residing on the Ethereum blockchain since ERC-721 tokens and managed on IPFS. Created plus illustrated by Yam Karkai.

Dysto Punks

Thanks for visiting a tech-filled dystopian long term where only 2077 Punks survived. DystoPunks are a blend between generative and hand crafted NFTs designed to build a Dystoverse in The Sandbox Metaverse.

Pororo AMA along with Sebastien and Yohan

Join our COO, Sébastien Borget and our own Director of Growth to get Korea, Yohan Lee upon Friday, September 24th in 7AM UTC for a reside exclusive AMA where they will answer your questions in the Pororo LAND sale and many more! Ask your questions on our YouTube funnel or simply have a nice chat with our team!

Head over to the Metaverse upon September 23rd at 1PM UTC !

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