Integration of FIAT Payments in Blockchain Games

On Sept 17th, at 4 EVENING CET we will welcome Venly and Algorand to our cell on the integration of FIAT payments in blockchain video games.

More and more blockchain games are usually including payment and business functionalities in their platforms. Although some integrate crypto options in order to trade for NFTs or even other assets, FIAT obligations are also changing the rules from the game in the space.

Join a live board conversation with Tim Dierckxsens, CEO and co-founder associated with Venly, Cossimo Bassi, Options Architect at Algorand this particular Friday, Sept 17th, at 4 PM CET.

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Meet our Speakers

Tim Dierckxsens , CEO and Co-founder of Venly

Tim has been researching regarding blockchain since 2014 plus been building blockchain-based options since 2016 and such as many others in the space, this individual struggled with the product/market suit of implementing blockchain directly into products and services until he noticed that we’ve been taking a look at this the wrong way. When coping with blockchain technology, there are a lot of difficulties that enterprises need to conquer before they can actually take advantage of using the technology. Understanding exactly why blockchain can be beneficial and learing how to integrate blockchain in an user-friendly way is/was nearly impossible. The truth is, the blockchain part is of the business is not really what matters most & customers don’t need to be trained how to use blockchain. It’s since the ‘blockchain’ part of the business is not the actual business… It’s the particular backend. With Venly, Bernard helps enterprises to build along with blockchain without changing the way they work today.

Cosimo Bassi , Options Architect at Algorand

As a technical user interface of the Business Development group, he supports the development of use-cases in designing the “on-chain” applications’ components, structuring the weather of Algorand blockchain process. Cosimo holds a MSc in Electrical Engineering from your Politecnico of Torino and it is passionate about Algorand’s blockchain program to the energy transition plus sustainability.

Live -panel conversation at the BGA: September 17, 4pm CET

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