Guest Post: DAO Committee Report #0004

It has been two weeks since the final DAO Committee report. Throughout those two weeks, three destinations have been added, one title has been banned, three give requests have been approved, plus six polls have handed and are now either in-progress or pending action.

Point associated with Interests

Considering that July 16th, the following destinations have been added to Decentraland’s chart:

Name bans

Since July sixteenth, three names have been prohibited from Decentraland. You can view latest name ban proposals here . (Remember that banned title proposals may contain unpleasant or hateful language. )

Prompt Nodes

Simply no Catalyst nodes have been additional since the last report.

Grant demands

Since 06 30th, three grants were approved. Vesting contracts have already been created using the exchange price of MANA of the day the particular proposal closed.

Open up source DCL utility collection that makes many things easier

Yes fully (1, 459, 484 VP)
No 0% (0 VP)

The three 30 days vesting contract has been started. See the vesting contract here.

Long term game “Project G”

Yes 100% (1, 752, 057 VP)
No 0% (0 VP)

The three month vesting agreement has been initiated. View the vesting agreement here.

The brand new Babylon – An Hunt for New Metaverse City Model

Indeed 97% (1, 872, 207 VP)
No 3% (77, 459 VP)

The three month vesting agreement has been initiated. View the vesting agreement here.


The following polls are possibly pending, or in progress.


Update the Decentraland Conditions of Use and Content Plan

Indeed 100% (10, 696, 405 VP)
No 0% (0 VP)

According to the recent release from the Wearables Editor Decentraland’s Terms of usage and Content Plan has been up-to-date. Certain adjustments have been designed to present the driving beliefs of Decentraland in better and simpler language.

Should Voter Power Abordnung be activated in Decentraland’s Snapshot Space?

For 92% (1, 650, 735 VP)
Towards 8% (148, 914 VP)

Users are now able to delegate their voting capacity to any address. This efficiency provides great benefits in order to users holding assets within cold wallets and groupings storing their assets within smart contracts. Users may delegate their voting strength via Snapshot’s UI . To find out your voting power plus delegations check out the governance platform .

Should NAME proprietors be granted proportional DAO rights?

Yes 97% (1, 626, 596 VP)
No 3% (51, 297 VP)

NAME owners at this point receive 100 VP for each name. To see your voting power check out the governance platform .


Should we transform 1/5th of the DAO’s MANA token stablecoin to diversify plus stabilize the treasury?

Yes 99% (5, 653, 269 VP)
No 1% (81, 143 VP)

The particular DAO Committee talked based on a OTCs and exchanges. All of us received a quote in order to convert 6, 115, 643 MANA token equal proportions associated with USDT, USDC, and DAI with a small fee associated with 0. 75%.

The DAO Committee furthermore analyzed descentalized alternatives such as using DEXs protocols or even creating a token sale agreement with a fixed slippage. Utilizing a DEX will have a big effect on the market price and influence negatively on the overall liquidity. Using a smart contract requires growth and auditing work prior to moving forward.

Wearables Ask for – Hand slot meant for watches, gloves, nail shine

Indeed 100% (473, 355 VP)
No 0% (0 VP)

The Decentraland Foundation has plans to boost the number of wearable categories, yet priority has not yet already been set for a “hands” classification. This request has been proposed in the past and resolved in DAO Report #0002 .

Wearables Request — Allow Creators to Publish Brand new Items to an Existing Collection.

Yes 91% (659, 297 VP)
Simply no 9% (68, 788 VP)

Supporting digging in new items within current collections would require advancement effort to modify the existing wearables smart contracts. Aside from this particular development time, however , there is no reason why this alter can’t be implemented, since the addition of new items may not impact the scarcity or even value of already published products.

The DAO Committee recommends a more comprehensive definition or discussion showing how exactly the collection limits needs to be changed. For example , should right now there be any limitations in order to how many items each selection can support? Should there become limitations on which and how several rarities can be added? The particular Committee recommends that these queries be pursued within the discussion board.

Ban address 0x2d9…b2aadf from chat and tone of voice

Indeed 97% (469, 639 VP)
No 3% (16, 001 VP)

An API continues to be added to be able to easier to ban addresses through voice and text talk as a result of future DAO plans, and the requested address continues to be banned for a period of 6 months.

Music volume

Yes fully (569, 329 VP)
Simply no 0% (0 VP)

The World Team continues to be notified about this request.

  • There exists a plan to add a “sounds” menus within the settings panel that could allow users to toggle chat sounds, music, sound clips, etc . There’s currently simply no set delivery date.
  • To view or even comment on this topic, send Concern #102 plus Problem #150 upon GitHub.
  • A similar request has been proposed in the past and resolved in DAO Report #0001 .

Block highways and plazas from POI proposals

Yes 100% (236, 733 VP)
No 0% (0 VP)

A problem has been created for this demand. To view or comment on this particular topic, refer Issue #108 on Github.

Automatically add an option in order to Community Polls to transmission invalid questions/answers

Yes 99% (6, 631, 921 VP)
Simply no 1% (40, 915 VP)

An issue continues to be created for this request. To see or comment on this subject, refer Issue #109 on Github.

Wearable Curation Panel Update

One particular member of the Wearable Curation Committee suffered an event and lost access to their particular private key. A new tackle has been created and up-to-date on the committee address checklist.

   0x399a44f5821b1f859bc236e14367c4f7c36933fb --> older wallet
0x8938d1f65ABe7750b0777206EE26C974a6721194 --> brand new wallet

See the deal on Polygon Scan.

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