EULA and T&Cs for Blockchain Games

The BGA is organizing a class dedicated to the understanding of the advantages and necessities to adopt suitable EULAs (End-Users License Agreement) and T& Cs with regard to Blockchain Games.

The workshop session is going to be lead by Gianluigi Guida and will take place online upon June 4th at 4pm CET. This live course aims to provide our users, communities and blockchain video games enthusiasts an insight on how to strategy EULAs, T& Cs plus licenses related to the possession and management of electronic assets such as NFTs within blockchain games.

The workshop is generously supported and led simply by BGA member Gianluigi Guida at Guida& Associates ( )

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The particular Blockchain Game Alliance is definitely an organization committed to promoting blockchain within the game industry.

Our goal would be to spread awareness about blockchain technologies and encourage adopting by highlighting their possible to foster new methods to create, publish, play, plus build strong communities around games.

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