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  • The CoinMarketCap Learn and Earn Program is Back to Launch another NFT Gaming Campaign on…
    The CoinMarketCap Learn plus Earn Program is Back in order to Launch another NFT Gaming Advertising campaign on CoinMarketCap Earn The new contest can run from 2021. 2009. 06 (3: 00 EVENING UTC) to 2021. ten. 06 (23: 59: fifty nine PM UTC) Learn About The Sandbox, Earn SAND CoinMarketCap , the world’s most-referenced price-tracking website with […]
  • VoxEdit Changelog — August 2021
    VoxEdit Changelog — August 2021 Our favorite 3D modelor plus animator is getting a nice gloss and a ton of new functions. Read on to find out what they are! There is a new version associated with VoxEdit that you can download at this point! The software has been optimized therefore now it runs quicker, manages memory better whenever […]
  • Pororo the Little Penguin joins The Sandbox Metaverse
    Via this site
  • $SAND Lists On Longest-Running Exchange Bitstamp
    The Sandbox is definitely pleased to announce the listing associated with $SAND on the Bitstamp trade. $SAND can be traded at the leading global exchange, except for the USA and Singapore marketplaces. The following trading pairs are usually listed: SAND/USD , SAND/EUR . Extra trading pairs will be introduced on the Bitstamp Twitter account . Build […]
  • The Sandbox Partners with Snoop Dogg to Bring Legendary Rapper into the Metaverse
    The Doggfather is certainly recreating his mansion within the virtual gaming world plus having a LAND sale which will start on September 30th. It’s dropping news such as it’s hot! The Sandbox is certainly excited to announce a relationship with the legendary rapper, acting professional, songwriter, and entertainer Spy Dogg. Snoop Dogg is going to […]
  • The Pororo LAND Sale
    Join Pororo, the little penguin & friends on Sept 23rd at 1PM UTC for a new LAND sale. Discover read more about Pororo’s universe and their particular new adventures in the metaverse: TLDR; The Pororo LAND purchase will start on Thursday Sept 23rd at 1PM UTC. 512 LANDs is going to be for sale around […]
  • The Walking Dead LAND Sale Wave 4— Sanctuary
    The ultimate battle to keep Haven walker-free starts on Sept 16th at 1PM UTC. For your final wave, we lastly reach the Sanctuary plus we’ll take no criminals! This will be our last fight against the walkers, and it will occur in the center of our Metaverse, exactly where it all began. 602 Countries and 189 […]
  • CyberKongz VX Partner with The Sandbox
    The first-ever arbitrarily generated VoxEdit collection relates to The Sandbox CyberKongz offers partnered with The Sandbox to create a world capable of hosting the product range of characters that different factions can explore using their fellow tribespeople — whether it’s the very best Hat Gang, the VR Crew, Cyberbrains, or even one of the numerous Pirate Kongz. CyberKongz […]
  • The Sandbox bought the Bored Ape #3749 “The Captain” for 740 ETH
    The Sandbox is really a global community supporting digital artists and creators. We all strongly believe that the lifestyle of games, music, plus visual arts, will be among the pillars of the open crypto metaverse. We don’t simply build and sell, we furthermore invest and in so performing help build the environment. We want to […]
  • The Walking Dead LAND Sale Wave 3 — Commonwealth
    The Walking Dead PROPERTY Sale Wave 3 — Commonwealth We gear upward again on September ninth at 1PM UTC to keep grounds and keep the Earth safe and walker free. For that third wave of this PROPERTY sale we reach the particular Commonwealth colony on Sept 9th where Negan can be awaiting to protect the 420 LANDs and […]
  • The Sandbox Game Jam — Beast Quest
    The Sandbox Game Jam — Beast Quest Submit your adventurous type of game to win your own portion of the 100, 500 $SAND pool prize! Find your own inner adventurer, we’re undertaking the interview process quest. A new game quickly pull has been announced with the additional bonus of a partner becoming a member of in the fun. The theme […]
  • The Walking Dead LAND Sale — Four Weeks of Apocalyptic Mayhem, starting on August 26th!
    The Walking Dead PROPERTY Sale — Four Weeks of Apocalyptic Mayhem, starting on August 26th! The Ramblers are entering the Metaverse. Starting August 26th from 1 PM UTC. Get a survival gear ready! The survivors of the apocalypse have got on our Metaverse. Meet the well-known heroes of the renowned amusing series Rick, Glenn, as well as the infamous […]
  • The Walking Dead LAND Sale — Wave 2: Alexandria
    The Walking Dead PROPERTY Sale — Wave 2: Alexandria New sightings from the horde have been reported. These are making their way to Alexandria and can reach it on Sept 2nd at 1PM UTC. Join Glenn to combat the intrusion. The particular Walking Dead’s second PROPERTY sale is scheduled to get September 2nd at 1PM UTC. During this […]
  • The Story Behind the Creation of the Shrine of Truth and more — Creators’ Interview #12: Sand Rush
    The Story Behind the Creation of the Shrine of Truth and more — Creators’ Interview #12: Sand Rush Welcome to our Game Creators interview series, where we feature creators and members of The Sandbox community, giving them a platform to share with you their stories. In this edition of Game Creators, we speak with Sand Rush, several artists that […]
  • The Walking Dead LAND Sale — Wave 1
    The Walking Dead PROPERTY Sale — Wave 1: The Prison Walkers have situated the Metaverse and will achieve it on August 26th at 1PM UTC. Pack your things up and head over to the particular Prison area of the map in order to contain the invasion. 530 Countries and 120 Premium Gets surrounding the Prison, is going to be […]
  • The Trade GameFi Tokens Competition to Collect Cards — $200,000 in Rewards!
    The Trade GameFi Tokens Competition to Collect Cards — $200, 000 in Rewards! Collect ’em every to win your discuss of the $200, 000 in rewards. We are combined with Binance once again to get a new trading competition. You might have from August 27th at nighttime UTC until September second 11: 59 PM UTC to collect all four […]
  • The Sandbox “Summer Festival” Game Jam — Winners!
    The Sandbox “Summer Festival” Sport Jam — Winners! Summary We would like to take this second to thank each and every one of you whom took part in the “Summer Festival” TSB Game Jam! This was the very first of many shorter time frame jellies incorporating the VoxEdit originator assets into the game design! It was a successful […]
  • The Summer Jam LAND Sale — Wave 7
    A total of 756 LAND and 302 Premium LAND will be available for sale. Along with releasing a new purchasing system , seven new partners are also
  • The Sandbox (SAND) Trading Competition — $100,000 to Be Won!
    Sandbox(SAND) and Binance are teaming up once again for a new trading competition. Participation in any or all three promotions is open from August 11th to
  • The Sandbox Music Festival NFT Drop
    From concert venues and dance floors to DJs, famous Metaverse artists and even cool cats, summer in The Sandbox will be funky!
  • My Neighbor Alice coming to The Sandbox
    The 3 characters that will exist across the Sandbox Metaverse are Alice (Legendary), Hae-Won (Epic), and The Frog (Rare). They’ll be distributed randomly to
  • Alice NFTs join The Sandbox Metaverse
    Only a limited number of these NFTs will exist within the Sandbox! These will be distributed randomly to Alice and The Sandbox fans across our social media
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