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  • Refereum February Update
    We’ve done a lot within the month of February! Arrive check out all the developments, video games, and creators that we have worked with in the past month! 1 ) Creator Self Sign up web page is LIVE: the process just takes minutes and your centre will be live once you push publish. refereum. com/creator-join/2. […]
  • Creators: We’re Giving Away Free Diabotical Beta Keys
    Diabotical has been creating a tornado in the FPS world recently: acting as a spiritual heir to Quake, Diabotical is here now to give you fast-paced, action-packed area FPS gameplay. How do I get a free Diabotical beta important? Our latest Diabotical Marketing Hub is open to articles creators with over twenty five followers on […]
  • RAD is our latest featured game!
    Our latest featured hub is RAD, a roguelike video game set in a post-post-apocalyptic world, where humanity has faced armageddon maybe not once, but twice. Dive into the realms of the Fallow — an ever-changing, radioactive wasteland filled with unknown and unspeakable creatures as a teenage protagonist journeying into not known lands. As you explore deeper into […]
  • Refereum March Updates
    Catch up on all things Refereum with our monthly updates! Showcased Game Hubs In the past 30 days, we’ve featured four game hubs, with 2 nevertheless actively running right now. Audiences can still join the on-going RAD and Knights plus Bikes hubs, watch a few streams, and enter in order to earn rewards in the […]
  • Refereum, DLive, Tron, and Bittorrent Team Together to Encourage Social Distancing During COVID-19
    Refereum, DLive, Tron, and Bittorrent Team together to encourage social distancing all through COVID-19 by rewarding users with RFR and Steam digital keys for various games during the pandemic outbreak. #stayhomegamemore is our latest campaign for our community. By now, you know about COVID-19 and its global impact: you’ve hopefully heard about how important it […]
  • Refereum Transition Update — May 2020
    Three years later In early 2017, Refereum set off with an serious goal; Redistribute marketing financial constraints away from advertising corporations plus into the pockets of enthusiastic people. A new generation upon Twitch and Youtube developed video game content that will broke internet records. However for them, these content makers were not able to capitalize […]
  • Refereum Update
    Hope you are well Before all of us begin, we want to start by stating we hope you are healthy very safe. It’s been a difficult time with the global COVID-19 pandemic and most of all we are hoping you have finally got the time to play your backlog of games. We very much hope […]
  • Welcome to the new Refereum
    The new Refereum is here. Welcome back players. We’re so glad you are here. Today, we are proud to say the up-to-date Refereum platform is now reside. Shout out to our own community and beta testers who helped shape the future. See it on Refereum. com As talked about in our last post, the brand new […]
  • Knights and Bikes featured by Refereum
    Knights and Bikes, the roguish video game set in a post-post-apocalyptic world, where humanity has faced armageddon not once, but two times. Dive into the realm
  • Stream Video Games to Earn Refereum(RFR)
    Refereum(RFR) platform rewards gamers like you every few hours.To pick a winner, it puts all the tickets that have been earned into a pot and picks a random
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