In VulcanVerse, as long as you own land, you will have the tools to make it stand out over the rest.

Step 1. Gather some components by foraging the gets with your Vulcanites.

Step 2. Open up your inventory to see your own materials.

The materials that you collect and their quality may affect what you can develop your plot.

Step 3. Inspect blueprints by opening the particular blueprint menu under the stock window.

Bigger and better possessions often require more than one materials to craft.

Step 4. Verify you’ve got the right type plus amount of materials to build the particular assets you want in the formula window.

Stage 5. Go to Build setting and place the Asset anyplace on your plot.

Things to keep in mind:

If you don’t possess the right amount of materials within your inventory, you will be unable to construct the selected Asset plus a warning will pop up in order to inform you.

Not every blueprints will be available almost everywhere. The quadrant in which your own plot lies will figure out what kind of assets you’ll have the ability to build.

Boreas Assets
Arcadia Assets
Hades Assets
Notus Assets

Reference point

This world can be quickly expanding, with lots of info to be processed, here are some hyperlinks to help you along your journey

1 . Marketplace

second . Vulcan Forged

3. Vulcanverse

four. Real-time blockchain map

five. Vulcanites page

6. PYR Whitepaper

7. Vulcanverse Discord

8. Reddit

9. Telegram

10. Tweets


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