Berserk Pre-Season Giveaway

Time to boost your Berserk: Vulcanites Unleashed decks!

As we get ready to launch Season two of Berserk, with main updates and an all-new Roadmap in the works, we all decided it was time to begin getting more NFT credit cards into the hands of our players!

In order to indulge in the giveaway, you will have to develop a few tasks in our Gleam marketing campaign . Completing each of these duties will earn you points.

Users that have a lot more points will have a bigger possibility of winning.
Note: Be sure you have created a Berserk game accounts for you will need it to receive your Berserk Card if you win one!

This Gleam competition has a total associated with 26 NFT Berserk credit cards and 50 $PYR in order to be won!

For anyone just discovering Vulcan Forged plus Berserk, you may be asking her: “What is Berserk?? ”

A few of the cards in the giveaway

Berserk is a fantasy NFT collectible card game utilizing the Vulcanites from VulcanVerse. It is a standalone game, explorer, and organizer in one. The particular game can be played upon PERSONAL COMPUTER on Android , and on iOS . Battle your own creatures against one another, degree them up, and move their abilities to their THREE DIMENSIONAL counterparts in-world! It’s the very first game that earns LAVA tokens.

There are various leagues (NFT and non-NFT leagues) and you’ll end up being automagically matchmade VS gamers of the respective league with respect to the type of cards in your ownership. NFT Berserk Cards are available and sold on our marketplace .

Here is an url to the official Berserk gameplay web page on the VulcanForged website where you can learn more about the particular gameplay and rules.

And some gameplay footage thanks to our friends over at egamers. io

Join our own Discord and get to know the particular growing community!

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